What is Cryotherapy?


The ultra-low temperatures (cold stressor) in the Cryosauna stimulate the body’s natural ability to repair cells, reduce pain & inflammation and increase metabolism. After a 2-3 minute session, the body immediately begins to reheat (burn calories), increase circulation, and decrease inflammation by clearing toxins, lactic acid and metabolic waste.


 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM - Reported benefits:

  • Boosts metabolism and weight loss

  • 500 to 800 caloric burn from a single session

  • Reduces inflammation in tissue, muscles & joints

  • Reduces recovery time from injury or fatigue

  • Speeds healing from surgery & physical therapy

  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation

  • Increases mental alertness and agility

  • Promotes cellular and tissue repair

  • Releases of norepinephrine and endorphins

  • Detoxifies the skin, liver and lymph systems

  • Improves the immune system

  • Relieves depression and insomnia

  • Natural sleep aid

  • Improves hormonal balance

  • Anti-aging of body

  • Reduces pain & swelling throughout entire body


Whole Body Cryotherapy initiates the body’s systemic circulatory response to reduce pain and inflammation from head to toe. Unlike traditional cold therapy such as ice baths, whole body cryotherapy (WBC) does not lower muscle and core temperatures, avoiding associated drawbacks and discomforts. WBC uses a cold, dry mist to trigger a systematic response throughout the body that will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed, and will boost vitality, increase metabolism and enhance immunity while reducing inflammation.


Client Reported Improvements:

  • Training improvements for athletes and extreme training

  • Recovery from sore muscles (DOMS)

  • Less PMS / Improved menopause symptoms

  • Less migraines; quicker recovery from debilitating pain

  • Less sinus pressure and pain

  • Physical/functional therapy pain relief

  • Warms body for chiropractic adjustments, massage and stretch therapy sessions

  • Relief from knee, heel, back, elbow pain (tendons)

  • Increased mental focus and memory; Decreased anxiety

  • Clearer and refreshed skin from acne, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, aging (diminished wrinkles, sun and aging spots, sagging, cellulite)

  • Less pain and improved mobility from debilitating autoimmune disease like RA, arthritis, ankyloses spondylosis, lyme’s, MS, gout, etc.

  • Cold and heat tolerance improved

  • Less shoulder and neck tension from gaming, computer work, repetitive motions, leaning over

  • Improved mobility and less aches in professions where sitting, bending, lifting, repetitive and awkward motions are required

  • Relief from planter fasciitis, frozen shoulder, muscle spasms

  • Weight loss and less cellulite, especially when in conjunction with NormaTec compression, whole body vibration and healthy diet (CryoShaping Program Now Available)

  • Improved conditions for surgery (minimal inflammation helps during surgery and for recovery)

  • Faster healing from open wounds, bruising, pulled muscles, bone & joint replacement, stress fractures, plastic surgery procedures, general surgery.

 The Chilled Cryospa Recommended Steps During Your Recovery Session

  1. Firstly, you will be assessed for your suitability for whole body cryotherapy. Chilled CryoTechnicians assist all clients in determining options to help you attain your needs.

  2. Clients are provided high dry socks, dry non-slip closed toe slippers, gloves, robe or towel. Shorts or cotton underwear are must for men and women can go in with nothing on if desired. No exposed metals are allowed in the cryosauna. Boxers are available.

  3. Once in the cryochamber, the client is exposed to dry, air vapor that has been chilled by liquid nitrogen. Dry cold, although technically much colder, feels significantly more tolerable than wet cold. Skin’s temperature is reduced to a lower temperature at a much faster rate, resulting in better results without the risks of an uncomfortable ice bath.

  4. The body recognizes the extreme temperature of the air vapor which in turn activates the central nervous system and the body reacts with numerous self-protecting responses.

  5. Blood rushes to the core causing vasoconstriction in the skin, muscles, tissue and extremities. Metabolism increases to produce more energy (burns through those calories!).

  6. Adrenaline and endorphins are released which reduce pain, elevate mood, stimulate the immune system and boost energy.

  7. 500-800 calories are burned during and after the session as the body warms.

  8. Vasodilation occurs circulating fresh oxygenated, nutrient rich blood throughout the body reducing inflammation, increasing mobility and accelerating healing.

  9. This process also brings blood to the surface of the skin which helps to brighten and tighten skin. Increased circulation at the surface helps to break down cellulite and keep skin looking fresh and clear.

  10. Because the blood vessels have dilated to rapidly warm the body, your muscles become warm and you may experience enhanced mobility. This is a great time to stretch with the Athletic Trainer, use the TRUEstretch or see the Chiropractor.

  11. After changing back into your clothes, Chilled CryoSpa offers NormaTec Compression Therapy which is an extremely supportive therapy that will enhance the effects of cryotherapy. Many clients report rapid healing from DOMS, increased feeling from neuropathy, and increased weight loss with even noticeable changes in cellulite. Whole body vibration is also available to add to your session for many benefits from toning and massaging the entire body for 12 minutes.

  12. Whole body vibration, TRUEstretch and Zero-gravity Massage Chair sessions further enhance the effects of cryotherapy. Please talk to a CryoTechnician to learn more about options, services and pricing for add-ons. In addition, Chilled offers stretch, massage, nutrition counseling, DEXA scan, VO2 Max, resting metabolic rate testing, and chiropractic services available to meet your needs. Coming in January, The RevIVe Room will join our location to offer IV therapy for hydration as well as personalized analysis and production of your own IV drip bag.

  13. No worries in getting right back to your routine immediately after your cryotherapy session. Muscle tissue does not freeze and no recovery time is needed.

  14. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated in mind and body.