“Cyrospa is what’s new for mind, body, and soul! A feel good moment, a good night sleep and more energy throughout your day.”

- Andy

“I use cryotherapy to manage overall stress from crossfit training - I have experienced a noticeable improvement in recovery: Lowered stress hormone, improved mood and quality of sleep. This allows me to train harder and experience a greater quality of life.”

- Katherine Norman

“Cryo has helped my workout recovery and eliminated chronic aches & pains…Love the people and service…Great place to hang out.”

- Darin Straughan

“Cryo helps me on recovery & especially helps me get ready for a race by improving flexibility, circulation and decreases down time!!”

- Helen Smith

“The Cryospa is the best because it keeps my mind and body at ease after workouts and races. Also, Cryo keeps my life feeling as cool as possible.”

- Andrew Gandy

“I love the staff! Always so helpful!

- Mia Cali

“Chilled Cryospa has been the one constant for me in dealing with personal and life changing events. The staff is fabulous; incredibly supportive and encouraging a great addition to my day.”

- Patricia Anderson

“Chilled Cryospa is something I truly look forward to. Everyone on staff is great and I appreciate all of them. I can’t remember a time I didn’t feel better physically and mentally after a session. Thanks Chilled Cryospa for all you do!”

- Chris Egan

“Chilled Cryospa is seriously AMAZING! I always feel better, sleep better, and have more energy after CRYO! Needless to say, I’m addicted!”

- Katy Theriot

“I love Cryo! I joined about a week before the Chevron Marathon. I cut 10 minutes of my prior marathon time. I had no pain, no swelling and was back at the gym the next day. I ran 3 miles and had a 50 minutes training session. No recovery time was needed. This was a training run for my VitaMarathon in Feb. Thank you!”

- Anonymous

“Love this place! Cryo is awesome and has helped with so much! Staff rocks!”

- Fav Customer

“Truly Amazing! I have been unable to raise my right foot and leg more than 6” without assisting, due to chronic right hip pain. After initial Full Body Cryo, I raised my right foot over my left knee, without assisting, without pain, and while standing!”

- Marlene

“I did a walk/run for 3 miles last evening for the first time in over a year. I came in this morning with my back hurting, my leg feeling like an old woman and sleepy. I am now “awake!” No aches - feeling like a new person.”

- Anonymous