Cryotherapy is the fastest, most refreshing method of enhancing your mind and body. During the session, which lasts approximately 3 minutes, you simply stand in an innovative dry, cold sauna where the extreme cold temperature triggers your body’s natural healing processes. Following the session, your body’s metabolic, information, and immune systems are “rebooted” to help the body rejuvenate from stress, illness, exercise, aging, surgery. Whether you are an athlete, suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, aging issues or looking to optimize your life, whole body cryotherapy is an effective and certainly the coolest available option.



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Some of the Reported
Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Bolsters Immune System

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Better Sleep & Quick Jet-Lag Recovery

  • Boosts Metabolism and Burns Calories

  • Eases Inflammation Throughout Body

  • Less Pain (chronic & acute)

  • Reduces Muscle Soreness

  • Increases Athletic Performance

  • Strengthens Adrenaline Functions 

  • Reduces Depression and Anxiety

  • Improves Mobility and Speeds Recovery

  • Increases Collagen, Reduces Cellulite


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