Mobility & Performance

Monthly Package Price: $249 ($410 value)

Mobility & Performance Monthly Package:

  • Whole Body Cryo - daily (includes 2 double-dips per month)

  • TargetCryo - 4 sessions - typical area is 4” x 4” depending on pain/healing needs

  • Compression Therapy - daily

  • Whole Body Vibration - daily

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair - daily

  • TRUEstretch cage for increasing mobility

  • One consultation with certified nutritionist (additional appointments are not included)

    (unused services/sessions will expire monthly and do not rollover to next month)

Add On Service:

*Services NOT used do NOT carry over to next month. Non-transferable; Non-refundable*

Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) refers to soft tissue pain resulting from irritation of local points within the skeletal muscle and myotendinous junctions. These local points are known as trigger points. These trigger points can become irritated and produce tight nodules that can cause slight to extreme discomfort as a result of acute muscle injury or overuse/repetitive activity. The anti-inflammatory effect has been observed after treatment with whole-body cryotherapy as an increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines and a decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines. With such an extreme change in the body during a cryotherapy session, the body seeks to find balance (homeostasis) through the expansion of capillaries and vessels by up to 4 times their normal diameter (vasodilation) ultimately increasing blood flow to such regions by up to 4 times. Clients can see improved circulation, (especially in regions of poor blood flow like cartilage and tendons); increased oxygenation and enzyme activity; an improved healing environment.

The body’s total anti-oxidative status is increased. Continued performance enhancements are expressed through anti-oxidative processes that eliminate free radicals, toxins and repair cellular damage. Whole Body Cryotherapy can lead have a powerful anti-ageing effect.

Using an array of protective processes, the body is triggered to release hormones. Beta endorphins cause an experience of of euphoria and deep relaxation (better sleep), adrenaline and cortisol to make a person alert. Studies in men have suggested an increase in testosterone as a result of the hormonal release. Natures perfect performance enhancement.

In summary, enriched blood creates favorable conditions for internal organ and tissue regeneration, for expelling of toxins from subcutaneous layers, for the cell renewal process, replacement of damaged cells and elimination of dead cells from peripheral tissues – i.e. rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level.

This full-service package provides you with numerous modalities of anti-inflammation and pain relieving recovery methods to further enhance the effects of cryotherapy.