Visit Chilled Cryospa for your session in the NormaTec Lounge.  Using attachments for the legs, arms/shoulders, and the low back/hips gives deep, relaxing massage and rolling sensation that aid in complete recovery from training, competition, and injury rehab. 

NormaTec Recovery System's patented compression boots and arm sleeves enhance athletic performance recovery after even the most intense training sessions.  The science behind NormaTec Recovery is the unique massage pattern.

Sequential Pulse Technology is based on normal physiology and it synergistically combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed the body's normal recovery process. While a healthy athlete's body eventually will recover from an intense workout, using the Sequential Pulse Technology found only in a NormaTec Recovery System for just 20 minutes can speed recovery.

NormaTec is also FDA-cleared for the following medical conditions:

  • venous stasis ulceration
  • venous insufficiency
  • post-mastectomy lymphedema
  • acquired lymphedema (secondary to cancer and also following trauma, inflammation, surgery and/or radiation treatment)
  • congenital lymphedema
  • other edematous conditions

3D Massage Chairs

This chair features a two-stage zero gravity, 3D massage technology system. You will enjoy a customizable and relaxing massage that provides massage to your head, neck, shoulders, arms, back seat hips, legs, calves and feet. With 9 preset massage programs, air bag intensity adjustments and 5 levels of intensity for the 3D massage, you will be sure that your experience has been customized for you. MP3 play/plugin is available for you to listen to your favorite music or book. We also have TVs and Videos available. 

TRUE Stretching Cage 

The TRUE Stretch is a revolutionary concept that helps users look and feel better while reducing their risk of injury. TRUE Stretch is a dedicated, self-contained stretching area that allows users a safe platform for comprehensive stretching to increase flexibility. It eliminates the need for floor-based stretching or leaning uncomfortably over other equipment. Developed by an internationally renowned physical therapy Gary Gray and is used by a number of top professional and collegiate teams as well as many professional athletes and their personal trainers.